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Storage Hot-Spot & Bottleneck Analysis

HotSpotThe Hot-Spot & Bottleneck Analysis is a pro-active approach to reducing reactive fires & storage infrastructure downtime by pin-pointing unbalanced load due to Fan-out or IO Load distribution. It can identify Hot-Spots at Disk Adaptor or Physical Disk levels, Hot-Spots at RAID Group or Storage Pool levels and Bottlenecks due to 100% utilization at front-end/back-end/disk-levels. Critical key metrics are identified that are causing the bottleneck using component level Heat Charts. (e.g. IOPS, MBPS, Cache-hits, Write-pending, Read vs. Write, Sequential vs. Random, Block Sizes & IO Queues)

What do you get?

A PDF Report that provides visualizations for all IO performance issues listed

  • Identify the issue with a timeline chart
  • Identify performance metrics crossing thresholds
  • Heat Charts showing the utilizations at component levels
  • CSV extract, if needed

What do you need to do?

  • Collect performance & configuration data as directed by Interscape
  • Export performance data from current OEM tools, if needed
  • Upload data to secured Perfonics™ FTP site

What we do?

  • As soon as we receive the data, we will process the data and start the analytics
  • Create a PDF Report that will identify all performance issues
  • Review the report with you (online or conference call)

How does it help you?

  • Provides insight into your IO Sub-system at the storage array level
  • Help visualize IO load across storage components (Front-end, Back-end, Disks, Devices, Cache, Storage Pools, RAID Groups etc.)
  • Helps decide which Front-end ports to use for next host provisioning to balance load properly and which ports to avoid
  • What is the headroom available for additional load
  • Helps manage capacity utilizations vs. resource utilizations
  • Provides input into the capacity planning model at array level

How long does it take?

  • 3 days (sooner if needed)

What type of data is needed?

  • CLI outputs (e.g. EMC symcli data, navicli data etc.)
  • Performance data files (e.g. EMC WLA/SPA, HDS Tuning Mgr etc.)

What Storage Platforms are supported?

  • EMC (VMAX, VNX, CLARiiON, Celerra)
  • HDS (USP-V, VSP)
  • IBM (DS8300, SVC, XIV)
  • HP (XP 24000)
  • NetApp
  • NexentaStor
  • New platforms can be added on request within 2-4 weeks

What does it cost?

  • Starts at 5TB/5 Host - $2450
  • Additional options can scale to multi-petabytes

How do I start?

  • Click on the link to send us a note and we will contact you
  • Please call us at 732.868.6320 during 8am – 5pm EST